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What You Need to Know About Drug Crimes in Texas

What You Need to Know About Drug Crimes in Texas

Drug crimes are one of the most serious offenses we can commit. They range from possession to distribution and trafficking, and are classified into different levels depending on how severe they are.

Drug Crime Defined in Texas

The Texas criminal code defines a drug crime as the sale, manufacture, delivery, or possession of certain illegal substances. Drug crimes are considered to be serious offenses because they often carry harsh penalties. Anyone who is convicted of a drug crime could remain in prison for many years and have to pay large fines.

Drug crime laws are enforced by federal and state authorities with help from local law enforcement. Drug crimes that are committed in Texas typically fall under state jurisdiction unless they cross into another state or the federal government gets involved. The severity of the charges is determined by what type of drug is involved, how many times it has been committed, and how much money was generated through the offense.

What Qualifies as Drug Possession in Texas?

In Texas, the state is harsh in prosecuting anyone charged with possession of drugs. Mere possession of less than a quarter once of marijuana can result in a class B misdemeanor charge. Anything more than that can be considered a felony. Possession of other drugs like heroin, cocaine and even prescription medicine can also be considered a felony. The only difference in the severity of punishment is the type of drugs that you have according to the drug penalty groups in Texas state laws.

Drug Crimes are Serious Business

You will need a serious drug crime lawyer if you want to avoid the penalties that Texas is willing to give. It is important that you contact an attorney immediately if you are charge with a drug crime.


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