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Always Obey The Police

Over the past few months we’ve all seen our State Controlled Media’s worth of senseless shootings inflicted by police on people who seem to go to great lengths to bring it on themselves. If these young black men who have recently been shot by police aren’t under CIA mind control, then they are some of the dumbest people who happen to have the intelligence to know how to motivate police gunfire.

Obey The Police, Its The Law

  • If the police tell you to get out of the street, do it.
  • If the police violate your rights, hire an attorney because you can’t fight the police & litigate civil rights violations in the streets, and win.
  • If you attempt to take the police officer’s gun, as with the suicide by cop of Michael Brown, you may suffer a terrible fate.
  • Be smart. The police aren’t always the problem.

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