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Gradoni & Associates; Trusted Private Eye for Corporations

A Trusted Corporate Investigator

Since 1989 Gradoni & Associates has remained a trusted source for corporations and small businesses in need of private investigation services for the security of their respective companies. Whether your business is small or large, there is a risk that it could fall victim to fraud or theft. When such an occurrence is realized, you’ll need to address that financial risk to your business by finding out what happened and whodunit.

White Collar Crimes & Company Theft

Corporate robberies, employee theft, embezzlement, and white collar crimes can severely impact the bottom line of your company while rooting out fraud and becoming less susceptible to it can raise profit and improve margins by leaps and bounds. If you need a corporate partner you can trust for court-ready documentation and detail investigations and corporate detective work, contact Gradoni & Associates at 281-440-0800 to discuss the matter with a licensed Texas private eye.

Private Investigators for Businesses: Services

Gradoni & Associates specializes in the investigation of internal issues with employees and contractors, risk mitigation for external threats, and help with the following;

  • Theft & internal theft schemes,
  • Surveillance,
  • Ponzi schemes,
  • Blackmail and threats,
  • Due Diligence,
  • Employee Screening & Background Checks,
  • Corporate & industrial espionage,
  • Forensic Accounting,
  • Electronic bugging & internet frauds online,
  • Interviewing Witnesses & Undercover Stings,
  • Trademark infringement,
  • Brand Enforcement,
  • Policy violations & corruption,
  • Intellectual Property Protection,
  • And all forms of embezzlement, wire fraud, check fraud, and white collar theft schemes.

Some forms of corporate investigations may involve monitoring one person or place, or it could be complex with lots of moving parts which could require a team effort. Gradoni & Associates is equipped to address complicated investigation needs of this nature and has the experienced staff needed to make the investigation effort worthwhile.

A Top Houston Private Investigation Firm

Gradoni & Associates

Gradoni Private Investigations

If your business is located in Greater Houston or elsewhere in Texas, you can count on Gradoni & Associates for your private eye, investigation, and detective service needs. Since 1989 Gradoni & Associates has pounded the ground on behalf of its clients and has remained continuously licensed as a private eye in Houston, TX with no complaints since 1989.

Gradoni & Associates
2611 Cypress Creek Pkwy C100
Houston, TX 77068
Phone: 281-440-0800

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