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Understanding Houston DWI Charges, and Offenders

A drunk driving related criminal offense represents a very serious challenge to anyone unlucky enough to be caught up in the grasp of the law in such a fashion. Most DWI defense attorneys in Houston find themselves shocked when people, who are charged with even the most minor misdemeanor drunk driving offenses, act as if they’re amazed when they find out how deep in shit they are in.

The Issues Face by Houston DWI Offenders

The first thing that happens when you’re accused of drunk driving in Houston is your Texas Drivers License is suspended. The reason that this is done, is because the state legislature in Austin believes that they are keeping the public safe from drunk drivers like you. Well actually, that isn’t the first thing that happens. The first thing that happens is you go to jail.

Showing Up In In The Harris County Court

Having to show up in court for drunk driving has to be one of the most embarrassing things that a person can go through in their lives. Other defendants in the Harris County courtroom are probably looking over at you like you’re some kind of dumb ass. And you are. Because you got behind of the wheel while intoxicated off alcoholic beverages in a state that is as serious about the enforcement of the law as Texas.

The Punishment for Houston Drunk Drivers

The criminal penalties for drunk driving offenses can be severe. After losing your Texas Drivers License, you’ll find out that you’re probably facing jail time and monetary fines as well. Then you will have that criminal record that will follow you around which will guarantee a felony charge if you are convicted even of the most minor drunk driving related offense in the state of Texas.

Why They Drive Intoxicated

It’s understandable how people end up behind the wheel drunk. Maybe they went out with friends, had a bit too much to drink, had an emergency and had to depart, and BANG; the Houston Police Department is behind you with their red and blue lights flashing and now, all of a sudden, you are overcome with fear and regret.

Contact a Houston DWI Attorney

There is no need to have fear. The nature of drunk driving related criminal accusations are scientific in nature, meaning that an attorney who specializes in drunk driving offenses may be able to find a way out for you. This is why it is so important that, no matter how serious or insignificant the criminal charge may seem, that you seek top rated legal representation in the form of a Houston DWI attorney with experience fighting Harris County prosecutors on these types of criminal charges.

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