In Texas, DWI Can Bring a Life Sentence

Let’s start our review of Texas’ strong stance of drunk driving by taking a look at a couple of stories that were in the news recently. These stories involved defendants being sentenced just short of the death penalty for drunk driving (DWI) in Texas.

The Detroit Free Press recent news revealed that a 62 year man from Texas was given life in prison on being convicted for his drunken driving offense for the tenth time. The defendant was convicted in the 1980s for the first time, but he did not learn proper lesson, he was convicted for nine more time and this was the tenth conviction leading to a life time prison sentence.

In another case, a man that resulted in life sentence due to drunk driving occurred in 2014. In the police statement it revealed that the BAC of the defendant was nearly four times to the legal limit. This is high and puts a driver in a state such that she or he is unable to breathe or stand properly, leaving alone driving a car safely to avoid causing death or serious personal injury.

DWI Charges

Driving While Intoxicated doesn’t always result in life imprisonment. But a single DWI or DUI charge also may cause a jail time. A first conviction for drunk driving in Texas results in a sentence to jail for six months and not more than 180 days. On the other hand, a second conviction for DWI will likely lead to a jail sentence of up to a year. The third offense is a serious felony charge that carries a sentence of two years minimum in prison.

Remember one thing, under Texas law, how old the previous DWI conviction is won’t be considered, it is taken as once convicted, even if it was 3 or 4 decades ago, as if it happened yesterday. These 3 or 4 decades time of operating without causing any trouble is not going to give you a lenient sentence. This is one of the reasons; you must take the charge of DWI or DUI seriously, and hired a qualified Houston DWI attorney like Tad Nelson as soon as possible. No Houston DWI attorney can assure a legal outcome to be favorable at any point of time, but having a competent lawyer as your legal representation gives you the better chances at coming out of court with less than maximum retribution from the state of Texas.

A third offense DWI charge is not taken lightly and so the court affirms a life imprisonment statement, if they consider it to be very cruel or if this offense involves killing another person. This misdemeanor is punishable at least for a year, as third offense charge and in that year the defendant is expected to serve home detention setting. Texas is a big State same as other large urban areas and so they have allowed people for two prior convictions of DUI. Bear in mind that traveling with two prior convictions of years ago may end you in life imprisonment in Texas if you are found in a third offense.

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