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Get Help From a Criminal Defense Attorney

You absolutely must evaluate all of your legal options if you’ve been accused of violating Texas law by committing a crime to find yourself in the scope of the Texas criminal justice system.

You shouldn’t plead guilty or agree to work with prosecutors until you’ve talked with an attorney that can give you the advice that you will need in order to make the smartest decision on your own behalf.

You Should Be Presumed Innocent

The United States Constitution demands the presumption of innocence from the criminal justice in prosecution apparatus which is the main reason that criminal defense attorneys, the good ones, spare no effort in fighting to have their clients exonerated in the court of law, or to limit criminal punishment and penalties for their clients who wish to plead guilty, or are found guilty and convicted. In Texas, criminal punishment is another trial which serves to give your lawyer another chance to appeal to your best interest during his opportunity to address jurors.

Consequences of Criminal Conviction

If you are convicted of the crime that you have been accused of, jail time, serious monetary fines, oppressive probationary requirements, and a permanent criminal record will follow you and proved to be significant in determining the course of the rest of your life. It is your right to challenge that Brazoria County prosecutor that is assigned to work on making sure that you are convicted in your obligation to put up the best fight that you can.

Even if you are facing a simple charge of possession of marijuana, a drug crime in Texas, you’ll still face jail time, a court date, fines, and the suspension of your Texas driver’s license if you plead guilty or are found guilty of the drug offense.

If you are facing allegations of any type of offense in Alvin, Pearland, Angleton, or Brazoria, you should contact a criminal lawyer in Brazoria as soon as possible for your defense.

The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates aggressively fights criminal allegations in court. The Nelson Firm is very instrumental in their challenges of the evidence prosecutors will try to use against you. Whether it be forensic evidence, the video evidence, or DNA evidence and sex crimes, you’ll have an experienced advocate on your side has over 20 years of experience dealing with such matters. Your case will be analyzed to the limits of exhaustion in pursuit of justice for you when you’re working with a law office like that of the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates.

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